Body Care to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing

Your body needs as much attention as your face, especially during fall! As the weather cools down and you have to rely more on heating, your skin will need a lot more hydration to stay healthy and look its best. If you want your skin to be healthy, glowing, and smooth, your skincare routine will need an upgrade.

That means you’ll need different products to address your skin’s changing needs. As the humidity of summer goes away, your products should become more refreshing, from your soap to your body lotion and everything in between. Here’s a list of products to give your skin everything it needs!


Top Body Care Products for this Fall


Palermo Body Lavender + Sage Soap with White Clay


Every time you step in the shower, it should feel like a restart. The Palermo Body soap not only washes away all your worries with a gentle, soothing cleanse, but it also removes impurities and fights dehydration. It contains shea butter, which retains moisture and leaves your skin smooth as a baby’s butt, and it has a relaxing lavender and sage fragrance to help you wind down.


PATYKA Almond Blossom Moisturising Body Milk


Take your body care like your coffee, with body milk that will unlock a new level of smoothness. The PATYKA body milk is designed to keep your skin properly nourished while also soothing and softening it, making it look more radiant and healthier. It’s perfect right after the bath or shower and it will melt perfectly into your skin. It contains aloe vera to regenerate skin tissue, shea butter to keep your skin refreshed, and tara gum to provide a long-lasting effect!


Palermo Coffee Body Scrub - Coffee + Lemon


If you want to give your skin a new lease, you need to exfoliate at least twice a week. It will remove everything that makes your skin look dull and it improves product absorption so your products are more effective. This Palermo Body coffee and lemon body scrub is perfect for the job! It’s completely organic and the star ingredient here is caffeine because it firms up the skin and its diuretic properties are known to target water retention, which can help with cellulite. Plus, it smells amazing!



Payot Revitalizing Body Oil


If you want to feel and look like a shining goddess, you need to give your skin a revitalizing boost with this Payout body oil. It provides intense nourishing and nutrition with a combination of olive, sunflower seed, and soybean oils. It also contains thyme essential oil, which makes the skin supple and provides comfort, perfect for massaging your body after a hard day.


NUXE Huile Prodigieuse Florale


Last but not least, this oil moisturizer from NUXE will help transform your skin, making it look sexier and better than ever. This is an iconic product for the brand and it contains seven different botanical precious oils. It’s anti-oxidant, helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and keeps the skin refreshed while also providing a protective shield from pollution.


These are all the makings of a powerful body care routine to keep your skin fresh, healthy, and glowing!

September 25, 2022