Discover the Best Hydrating Products to Revitalize Your Skin

As colder winds approach, we must prepare our skin for battle! That may sound dramatic, but cold seasons are truly the worst for your skin. When you’re outside, you’re exposed to super dry, cold air. When you’re inside, heating systems also make the air drier.

In other words, your skin can’t catch a break! That’s why you need powerful products that will make up for the moisture that your skin is constantly losing during autumn and winter. This is how you’ll keep your complexion looking healthy, soft, and bright.

To help you put together the best routine to fight skin dehydration, here are 5 amazing products you should consider.

Top Products to Increase Skin Hydration

 Dr. Elsa Jungman Begin Again Gentle Cleanser



When you’re dealing with dry skin or trying to prevent it, the last thing you want is a cleanser that will strip your face entirely of its natural oils. You need them for a healthy glow! This Dr. Elsa Jungman cleanser is gentle and provides a deep clean without completely drying out your complexion. It only contains 4 plant-based ingredients, so it’s a simple formula, but it packs a mighty punch.


 PATYKA Antioxidant Smoothing Cream Universal Texture


The PATYKA antioxidant cream will not only help you get softer skin, but it will also help you work towards a more ageless complexion. The formula contains hyaluronic acid, phytoplankton, and white horehound, which all work to neutralize free radicals, provide a deep moisturizing effect, and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.


 Payot Blue Techni Liss Jour


The Payot Blue Techni Liss Jour is the facial lotion you need to fight everyday aggressions and elevate your beauty beyond bounds. You apply it in the morning on your face, neck, and décolleté to enjoy glowing skin all day long and feel like a queen. Additionally, it helps smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. It’s a melt-in cream that will penetrate your skin really well and provide a soft finish.


 Obagi Medical ELASTIderm Eye Serum


Your under-eye area is quite delicate and thin, which is why it’s prone to fine lines. Luckily, products like the Obagi Medical ELASTIderm eye serum will help you protect the area so your eyes can continue being beautiful windows to your soul. It will refresh the skin, reduce puffiness, and support elasticity for a more youthful look.


Anthony All Purpose Facial Moisturizer


Last but not least, this Anthony product provides a simple yet effective solution for men who want their handsomeness to reach new heights. It doesn’t only fight dryness, it also soothes, refines, and helps minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. It’s packed with antioxidants, natural exfoliators, and vitamins, which allows you to enjoy a renovated complexion.  

Introducing any or all of these options into your skincare routine will make a major difference. For maximum effect, we recommend applying these products after the shower or bath. Not only because your pores will be clean and unclogged for better product absorption, but also because it will keep moisture in for a more long-lasting effect.

September 30, 2022