Face Reality Acne Face and Body Scrub

Benzoyl peroxide scrub to treat face & body acne.


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Best for All Skin Types

This powerful acne face and body scrub contains an acne-fighting ingredient - benzoyl peroxide. Which will help unclog pores and prevent them from clogging in the future. Meanwhile the natural cellulose beads gently exfoliate the skin and allow better penetration of active treatment products. Great for treating back, shoulders, breast and other body acne. AppropriateĀ for oily skin.

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Skin Type

All Skin Types. Acne-prone

Skin Concern

Acne Prone. Clogged Pores. Body Acne


- Exfoliates
- Antibacterial
- Anti-inflammatory

How to use

SLC Team Insights
"The face and body scrub is strong and can not be used for inflamed acne. Active ingredient - Benzoyl Peroxide may cause drying effects therefore better to apply an acne-safe moisturizer first and let it soak in".

Apply a small amount to damp skin and massage into a light foaming lather. Do not rub aggressively. Rinse with tepid water and pat dry. This cleanser should not be used to remove eye makeup.


Benzoyl Peroxide: Reduces p. acnes bacteria and aids peeling within the pore

Glycerin: Moisturizes and lubricates skin

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