Kendall Jenner's Nutrition Secrets for the Perfect Figure


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Today's birthday girl, 28-year-old Kendall Jenner, effortlessly maintains her perfect figure. For instance, when models need to shed a few pounds before a runway show, she incorporates high-intensity interval workouts while pairing them with a protein-rich diet.

Furthermore, Kendall Jenner follows essential rules for healthy weight loss, which she has consistently adhered to for many years, not just prior to shows. These can serve as valuable guidelines for any woman aiming to reduce body measurements.

 Kendall Jenner Secret for Perfect Figure

Hydration is Key 

When it comes to fat-burning diets, the top model doesn't leave out the importance of staying well-hydrated. Kendall is a fan of various detox teas and can consume up to 12 cups a day! According to the model, tea can curb hunger for 4-6 hours and provide an energy boost for the entire day. The benefits of staying adequately hydrated are also endorsed by medical professionals and fitness experts.


Snacking Habits

Kendall is a huge fan of various nut butters (almond, cashew, and peanut). If we were to peek into her shopping list, we'd undoubtedly find Twix bars, peanut butter, hummus, and carrots. Additionally, the model enjoys snacking on almonds and sipping on fruit juices throughout the day.


Main Meals

When it comes to main dishes, Kendall Jenner prefers grilling vegetables and meats. The model's healthy diet includes a balanced portion of lean chicken, wholesome brown rice, and raw vegetables. She also enjoys pairing vegetables with hummus for a satisfying meal.

 Kendall Jenner

Cheat Meal

Like all of us, the model enjoys treating herself to delicious, typically calorie-rich foods. She has a soft spot for pizza from her favorite Hollywood restaurant, Craig's, as well as frozen yogurts and vegan pasta bolognese. However, to maintain her figure, Kendall allows herself to savor these favorite dishes only twice a week, sticking to a balanced diet the rest of the time.

Avocado for Breakfast

Kendall is well aware of the numerous health benefits of avocados and regularly incorporates them into her diet. For breakfast, she typically enjoys avocados on toast or alongside a serving of oatmeal.



November 08, 2023
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