How can you have beautiful and healthy skin free of inflammation, dryness, and other problems? Our answer is the right care. Yes, the correct step-by-step care is the key to beautiful skin of any type. Both morning and evening rituals necessarily begin with a thorough cleansing. This is the first stage. In the morning after cleansing, we move on to correction, hydration, and protection, and in the evening - to exfoliation, treatment, and hydration too. So let's talk about complex skin care, which consists of 4 steps.

Morning care

We are sure everyone has their facial skin care plan that works for you, but let me give you some general guidelines which might help you maintain healthy skin.  Morning care consists of the following steps.

1. Cleanse

A too basic procedure to explain its principle and importance. There is nothing better than feeling fresh and energetic in the morning. Since it is essential to thoroughly remove dust from the skin and the remains of cosmetic products, do not forget to use gel or foam, micellar liquids, or milk for washing. Cosmetic stores offer a wide selection of similar products. You, of course, choose those that suit your skin type.

2. Correction

The second step is the use of the serum. And yes, you are making a big mistake by refusing this cosmetic product. It helps to solve a single problem (dryness, dullness, loss of elasticity, inflammation, etc.). Depending on the purpose of the application, serums are classified into several categories.

  • Moisturizing serums are the perfect solution to combat the excessive dryness of the skin. The universal product contains hyaluronic acid, peptides, vitamins, and collagen.
  • Serums for problem skin contain salicylic acid, zinc, and vitamin A. They eliminate inflammation and prevent the appearance of new ones.
  • Anti-aging serums with antioxidants, vitamins, and plant extract slow down the aging process and help smooth wrinkles.

You can use serums in the morning after cleansing your skin. Apply 2-3 drops to the face and spread evenly. Use serums regularly and correctly to achieve the best effect.

3. Hydration

The main step in daily care. Sufficient and correct hydration almost guarantees elasticity, healthy shine, smoothness, tenderness, and freshness of the skin. How to choose it? 

  • First of all, pay attention to your skin type - you cannot use products for dry skin if you have oily one and vice versa. 
  • Read the composition of the products and be attentive to the active ingredients in creams or serums. 
  • Another important factor is the time of using the product - day or night. 

Products for daytime use, as a rule, have a light consistency that allows the skin to breathe throughout the day.

4. Protection

Last but not least. The most important stage in care is quite often neglected (unfortunately). The sun's rays have a rather negative effect on our skin, provoke photoaging, and contribute to the appearance of wrinkles. Therefore, protection against the effects of UV rays is indispensable, because without it, even if you follow all the rules for skin care, it is impossible to achieve the desired result.

Evening care

Evening care is almost identical to morning care but still has some significant differences.

1. Cleaning

The base of all bases. In the evening, the skin must be cleaned of make-up, the remains of cosmetics, and a layer of dust. It is recommended to do this in two stages - first, cleanse the skin of impurities by applying hydrophilic oil or cleansing milk. After that, wash your face with water using gel or foam.

2. Exfoliating

Helps to remove dead cells from the skin and saturates it with necessary microelements, returning the skin to a healthy shine and natural radiance. As a rule, serums or creams with a peeling effect are used for this. To apply such products, it will be helpful to use a roller massager, which will help to evenly distribute the product on the surface of the skin and at the same time easily massage it. Use it 1-2 times a week. 

3. Treat

An optional step, which should be followed in the presence of certain problems. These can be acne, hyperpigmentation, skin aging, increased dryness, etc. It is also important to choose the right means to combat a particular problem. 

  • To fight acne, choose products containing AHA, BHA, or retinol. 
  • Products containing vitamin C, niacinamide, or alpha-arbutin will help you with hyperpigmentation. 
  • Retinol or a peptide will also help with anti-aging. 

Important: be careful with products that are new to you, conduct an allergy test, and observe how your skin reacts to this or that product. 

Of course, it takes time to achieve the desired effect. However, if you experience irritation, redness, or other side effects, this is a signal that you should say “goodbye” to one of the products.

4. Hydration 

Moisturized skin = healthy skin! It is worth remembering this rule and not neglecting it. For evening moisturizing, you should use night creams, because they are heavier in texture and richer in useful components. This, in turn, contributes to better recovery of tired skin and maintenance of natural water balance.

And in general, be attentive to yourself and your feelings. Remember that healthy and well-groomed skin is the key to confidence, beautiful makeup, and, possibly, success. Be vigilant when choosing your daily care, or better yet, consult a specialist.