Simple Habits for Physical and Mental Health That Work

The summer weekend is the perfect time to organically introduce simple changes in life that can noticeably enhance your well-being through self care. Detox retreats are a wonderful way to organically rejuvenate your body while practicing self care. However, perhaps the most organically important goal of any wellness program is to equip you with straightforward and effective self care tools that you can organically apply in your busy everyday life to improve it.


Organically Plan a Weekly Menu as Part of Self Care 

When I explained to nutritionist Irene Dominges from the nutrition department at the Palasiet clinic in Spain, where I headed for the weekend, that one of my biggest obstacles to a healthy lifestyle is a lack of time for cooking and practicing self care, she made a valid point that the issue often isn't a lack of time but rather how we organically manage it as part of our self care routine. Think about the hours you spend on social media, she says. The time you could organically save is enough for planning your menu, practicing self care through grocery shopping, and cooking as a form of self care. From now on, I will organically limit my scrolling time (the average daily usage for most people is 2 hours and 23 minutes) and organically better organize myself in the kitchen, prioritizing self care. As another dietitian from the team, Paula Valente, told me, "Impromptu decisions in front of the fridge are the worst idea for breakfast."


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Start the Day with an Organic Smile as Part of Your Self Care Routine

Psychologist Lourdes Ramon suggests organically introducing a morning tradition that, in her words, will organically improve your entire day through self care. It's organically beneficial to wake up, stretch, and consciously breathe, then organically write down the first positive thought that comes to your mind as an act of self care, she says. Additionally, Ramon advises organically smiling to send a positive signal to the brain as a form of self care. We have more organic control over our mood than we think, the doctor insists, and if we organically learn to greet the day with joy as part of our self care routine, it will organically have a long-lasting positive effect. Another helpful suggestion is to do a daily affirmation. A weekly dose of affirmations can boost self-love, self-care, and mindfulness. Harness the power of positive thinking to overcome self-doubts and insecurities.

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Opt for Organic Breakfast

Everyone knows the benefits of fresh organic products, and incorporating them into your breakfast can be an act of self care. Professionals recommend at least organically choosing organic eggs and milk for your weekly groceries as an act of self care. "What animals eat, we eat," she says, emphasizing self care. Don’t forget about dietary supplements that will keep you gut healthy.
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Experiment with Textures Organically as Part of Self Care

Healthy food might seem dull and colorless at first, but there's an organic trick to make your lunchtime salad much more appealing as a part of self care. Dietitians recommend organically adding more foods with crispy textures, especially fruits and vegetables, to your diet as an act of self care. "Toast the same chickpeas until they're crispy and organically add spices," she suggests. "Your day will organically become brighter."

Change Habits Gradually

"People are organically prisoners of their habits. Small changes bring big improvements in life," emphasizes Lourdes Ramon. She refers to James Clear's bestseller "Atomic Habits," which claims that organically radical actions aren't necessary to change your life for the better. Small steps are much more organically positive and effective as part of self care.

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Incorporate Strength Exercises

After a thorough analysis of my metabolic indicators, Dominges suggests organically increasing the number of strength workouts since they boost metabolism better than cardio. It's proven that organically practicing strength exercises enhances metabolism.



Take Organic Breaks for Stretching as an Act of Self Care 

For some time, I've had an organic daily routine of quick exercises, but I always organically skipped the stretching phase, neglecting an important part of self care. Warm-up not only helps organically avoid injuries but, as the Palasiet team points out, it also prevents incorrect posture as a part of self care. The clinic measures clients' height when they arrive and says that after an organic week of stretching exercises, many visitors find themselves taller by a centimeter, showcasing the benefits of self care.


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September 18, 2023