Care for Fine Hair. According to Hair & Scalp Rehabilitation Specialist

A detailed guide for those who want to increase hair density

How to make hair thicker is a question that interests a lot of girls. A specialist in hair and scalp rehabilitation talks about how to add thickness to hair.

Owners of thin/fine hair often complain that it is very difficult to grow it and they have to wash their hair every day. This is due to the fact that such a structure of hair implies its corresponding low density. And the less hair on the head, the faster it loses its aesthetic appearance, because the concentration of sebaceous and sweat glands on the hairy part of the scalp is greater than on other parts of the human body.

Therefore, expert’s main recommendation is that washing should be carried out every day, but with a delicate shampoo with a pH of 5. You will definitely find such shampoos in every brand - they are marked "for daily use". Your choice must always be in favor of a product with soft neonogenic surfactants, which include aloe vera and argan oil.

 Fine Hair treatment

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 As for hair growth, you will have to spend more time stimulating growth. It is necessary to use drugs with a vasodilating effect - the composition may include capsicum and camphor, as well as nutritional components: ginseng, dwarf palm, amino acids, nettle extract. Also, we must remember that owners of thin hair usually have a thin and sensitive scalp, so it is necessary to use mild phytoenzymatic peelings for cleaning.
Also remember that wearing a bath towel after washing your hair can seriously injure your hair — when curls get wet, they tend to stretch up to 30%. Thin hair is very delicate, and a bath towel will cause microcracks on it, which will eventually lead to breakage. Buy weightless turbans made of fringe, which allow you to gently and delicately care for wet hair. 

As for hair care, pay attention to masks with collagen. For example, extracts from seaweed and oat proteins: they moisturize and strengthen the hair structure quite well without weighing it down. Make a mask once a week. After washing your hair, dry your hair with a towel, apply a mask and cover your head with a plastic cap.

Heat for 5 minutes, then stand for 15 minutes to an hour. Rinse with water and apply a light moisturizing conditioner. Follow these rules on a regular basis, and within a year you will see how your hair has grown noticeably and become much thicker.


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December 30, 2022