Faster Growing Hair Of Yours

To keep up with seasonal hairstyle trends, you may want to grow out your locks faster than usual. Or even for sticking to your unique haircut that ideally frames your face, your hair should be just of the right length. However, it can’t happen overnight and is very frustrating when you want to look as good as possible. So, what to do to make your hair grow faster?

Believe it or not, there are some ways to accelerate the growth of your hair. And a lot of techniques you can apply for your hair not to grow out at only a snail’s pace. The master colorist we spoke to shared with us some professional, strand-strengthening tips covering everything—from hair styling products and care habits to foods consumed that play, as it turns out, a significant role in hair growth. To fast forward to the desired quality of your hair, simply follow the recommendations below.

1. Brush Your Hair Differently
The golden rule here is always to brush your hair as gently as possible without tugging it. Use special brushes—one for wet hair and the other—for dry one stimulating your scalp with the natural boar’s bristle, for example. This way, blood flows to hair follicles more intensively, promoting their growth.

2. Heat Styling Ban
There is no doubt that hot hairstyling tools can create gorgeous looks. On the other hand, they can seriously damage your hair, which means trimming and making it shorter ultimately. For this reason, if you want your hair to grow faster, heat styling must be avoided. In cases you absolutely can’t do without it, your hair has to be 80-90 percent dry before being exposed to high temperatures. And try to minimize the exposure time.

3. Don’t Forget To Trim Your Hair
Although it may sound contradictory, don’t raise your eyebrows at once. Regular trimming is crucial to making your locks and tresses look healthy. When the hair is trimmed, split ends and damage caused by styling get cut off. Otherwise, they weaken the hair and lead to more breakage. The optimal trim frequency is between six and eight weeks (can be adjusted to your hair type and style) or once your hair ends get damaged. Your stylist will either trim just what’s necessary or make you a nice haircut keeping the hair length to your liking.

4. Careful Air-Drying
If you air-dry your hair every time you wash it, you shouldn’t do it carelessly, given that you want your hair to grow faster. Wet hair is very fragile and breakage-prone—so always tie it into a ponytail or loose braid before air-drying. Keeping your strands together will let them dry naturally and prevent them from snagging accidentally on something.

5. Exclude Rubber Bands
Not all elastics and scrunchies are equally good. Although you may be used to old-school hair ties, you should make an effort and switch to alternatives made of crease-free fabrics or coil bands for your hair to reach new lengths.
Unlike rubber bands, they neither break nor pull your hair out, which is essential for faster-growing hair.

6. Stop Bleaching Your Hair
Artificially blonde hair should be put on hold for the time you try to grow out your tresses. Bleaching chemicals make your hair more porous, i.e., easier damaged by hot styling tools, ultraviolet, and the influence of other environmental factors. If bleached repeatedly, hair loses moisture, becoming brittle, more fragile, and with split ends.

7. Treat Your Scalp Just Like You Treat Your Face
Innovative products created using advanced formulas and ingredients that had been until recently reserved for skin care only were made available. And we are thankful for all those scalp scrubs, moisturizing masks, and serums since scalp skin—just like face skin—suffers from dehydration; dryness, and flakiness and requires proper nourishment and pampering. And, of course, scalp pores and follicles may also be clogged with buildup. But as we already know, healthy hair can only grow from a healthy scalp.

8. Minerals and Vitamins Indispensable For Healthy Hair
In addition to appropriate care, your hair should be nourished from within. Since hair follicles are mostly built of protein, consuming foods rich in this element boosts hair growth, as does vitamin D, which, according to a survey conducted in 2021, stimulates the follicles and creates the signaling pathways for hair growth. The B group vitamins and vitamin E, as well as such microelements as zinc, iron, and acids like folic and omega 3, are beneficial for the appearance of new hair.
If your diet doesn’t ensure you get enough of these key nutrients, consult your doctor as to what food supplements you can take for your hair wellbeing.

9. Wholesome, Minimally Unprocessed Foods As The Base Of Your Diet
You (and your hair, in particular) is what you eat. When aspiring to shinier-than-ever tresses that grow down-to-there, make sure you have predominantly wholesome food on your plate. It’s good not only for your hair but your skin, too!

10. Silk Pillowcase Is Your Best Choice
Why prefer silk pillowcases over cotton ones? Simply because silk fibers help retain moisture without absorbing it and creating too much friction. Pillow covers made of silk prevent your hair from tangling and breaking while protecting it during sleep.

11. Avoid Stress
Think of stress as an enemy if you want to grow out your hair. It has an effect on it that is just the opposite to what you want to achieve. Relaxing, doing yoga, going on the run, and horse riding are your allies in maintaining the health of your hair.

12. Personalize Products and Devices For Your Hair Care
Not to get lost amid plenty of hair care products available on the market, always look for efficiently hydrating and strengthening ones as well as those having growth-stimulating ingredients in their formulas. In addition, consider treatments that energize your hair, giving it a so-much-needed boost going deeper into the scalp skin and nurturing follicles so that they grow faster and longer.

Talking about ingredients, look for keratin in the first place. It’s a protein naturally contained in your hair that helps get rid of dryness, protects and invigorates your tresses, and makes them shiny. There are also a variety of hair treatment devices designed to promote the growth of your hair by activating the scalp and follicles.
To give you an idea of what hair care products are highly helpful in your endeavors to have your hair at its best, we have listed them below. Take a look at our hair must-haves!

April 05, 2022