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Amika Double Agent 2-in-1 Blow Dryer + Straightening Brush

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Best for Frizzy Hair
Great for All Hair Types
Makes Shiny

The smoothest operator in the game. this multi-tasking, 2-in-1 blow dryer straightening brush has 3 settings (blow dryer, thermal brush, and combo) so you can customize your style. the easy-to-use tool styles hair 3x faster*, 2x smoother***, 1.7x shinier**, and reduces frizz by 30%*** for hair that is as smooth as a double agent.

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    Works Best For:

    Wavy. Curly. Coily hair.

    Solutions For:

    Frizzy Hair. Dull Hair. Heat Damaged Hair.


    On a mission for a sleek blowout? this 2-in-1 blow dryer straightening brush simultaneously takes hair from just-washed and damp, to dry and sleek all in one tool.

    - styles hair 3x faster*
    - hair is 2x smoother***, 1.7x shinier hair**
    - reduces frizz by 30%***
    - 3 adjustable air/thermal brush settings (from air with no heat – 410f)
    - far-infrared heat to lock in moisture and minimize thermal damage
    - negative ion generator delivers shine and banishes frizz
    - 5 rows of ceramic inner heated teeth allow fast drying and styling
    - ergonomic dial switch allows for seamless styling
    - flexible outer teeth deliver the grip necessary for a great blowout.
    - removable back filter makes cleaning a breeze
    max temp 365f/185c
    - 9ft/2.7m swivel cord won’t tangle or trip you up
    us/can: 60hz/ 700 watts/ 125 volts
    - view tool manual

    *compared to competitor 1000W dryer and thermal brush
    **compared to air dried hair
    ***clinically proven

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    Customer Reviews

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    Age: 19
    Skin Type / Hair Type: Oily Skin
    Concern : Dry hair

    The Double Agent 2-in-1 Straightening Blow Dryer Brush has been a game-changer for my hair routine. Since getting a haircut, I've been using it to blow-dry and straighten my hair at the same time, which saves me time in the morning and reduces the amount of heat I have to apply to my hair. I highly recommend this product, it's a must-have!